Alfred Steinke

Alfred Steinke (born 1880) was a member of Berliner Schlittschuh-Club since 1900. He was one of the German pioneers and was one of the players who introduced Canadian hockey in Germany. He was a regular hockey player and an active sportsman for an unbelievable span of 31 (!) years. At the start of his hockey career he was alternating between being a defenseman and forward,  until settling down as a goaltender at the end of his career. Steinke was a member of the first German championship team in 1912. In 1929 he won his last (9th) championship.

Because Berliner Schlittschuh-Club represented Germany at all European and LIHG championships before World War 1 he also gained some international merits.

After his active hockey career was over Steinke became a referee from 1931 and onwards. From the mid-1930s he was the commissioner (“Fachwart”) of ice hockey for the German Ice Sport Federation. Furthermore he was the co-author of a   newspaper named “Eis- und Rollsport”. In later years Alfred Steinke became a strong critic of German hockey and its players. He asked for harder and more frequent trainings.



1900 – 1931 Berliner Schlittschuh-Club


2 x runner-up of European Championship 1910,1911

2 x winner of LIHG Championship 1912,1913

runner up of LIHG Championship 1914

9 x German champion 1912-1914, 1923-1926, 1928, 1929

international champion of Austria 1913

3 x winner of Spengler Cup 1924, 1926, 1928

International games: 18

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